Digitalization in insurance | Felix Anthonj

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Felix Anthonj | Flexperto

Hi Felix, would you please introduce yourself and your company to the reader?

Hey, thanks for having me and I am really excited for the event of Financelab in Antwerp. My name is Felix Anthonj, I am founder and CEO of flexperto, which I founded in 2012. At flexperto our mission is to re-invent the way how consumers connect and interact with businesses. We are currently part of hub:raum Berlin, the incubator of Deutsche Telekom.

 What is the specialty of your solution?

We allow sales and service driven industries to sell and service their clients efficiently: online, digital and personal. We incorporate encrypted video- and text-communication, appointment arrangement, cooperative working, file-exchange and the possibility of digital signature in a single, web-based enterprise software. To combine the advantages of digital and personal face-to-face communication, we built our software so it is easy-adaptable and customizable for specific use cases, especially in the banking & insurance industry.

 Which prerequisites does the client have to fulfill in order to make use of your software?

I think that a really sustainable solution is solely oriented on the consumer needs. Therefore we created our solution in a way, that an ordinary browser is satisfactory to successfully use the full functional range of our platform. Therewith our solution is not only user-friendly but also allows us to bring in new features and updates in the background consistently.

 How high do you estimate the implementation effort, projected to the workplace?

From my experience I can say that many enterprises have troubles with the integration and interlinking of fragmented solutions quite unlike our all-in-one platform, which integrates all necessary functions and inserts itself flexible in existing processes. As a result we can offer high functionality to a very attractive price. I can say that our software has a clear benefit: the maintenance as well as the costs for updates are very transparent as they are always included and performance oriented. The time from project kick-off to production state is often less than 1 month.

 Does your solution offer a contribution in regard of Omni-Channel-Banking?

Yes, it does – in two different ways. First of all clients are able to interact with their consultant in their channel of choice. Our platform allows messaging, video calls or even arranging meetings on site. Secondly we enable financial service providers to always choose the most efficient channel depending on the value of each customer. More or less timeconsuming, ranging from video advises to an appointment in the branch office. With flexperto the personal touchpoint is always in the pocket of the client.

FELIX ANTHONJ is the Key Note Speaker @ Social Media, Opportunity for a client centered strategy in banking and insurance | Antwerp – 03.02.2016

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